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La Salle Academy


Our Campus in the heart of Veneto Region

LA SALLE INTERNATIONAL CAMPUS is a training crossroads for digital and technological innovation, language learning and the international dimension in the heart of the Veneto Region. Founded in Paderno del Grappa (TV) in 1924, the Campus has a long Lasallian pedagogical tradition and is one of the most important educational complexes in Italy with almost 100 years of history. It is part of the international network of the Brothers of the Christian Schools which involves 70 universities and over 1000 schools around the world.

La Salle Academy, the Higher Education division of La Salle International Campus, thanks to a dense network of relationships with international research centers and universities, today offers its expertise to young graduates, junior and senior executives and companies. The methodologies focus on  digital learning and on the need for experiences lived in the extraordinary campus surrounded by a green and pleasant enviroment.

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About the Campus

In today’s world digital technology is becoming more and more widespread and significant, as addressing the new users as a 2.0 generation or digital natives.

At the same time, the world of services and that of the economy, in particular industry, retain as necessary the formation of young people to prepare them at the use of new technologies and their practical application. 

MIP Politecnico di Milano and La Salle International Campus are going to collaborate in a new management training center in Veneto: courses and services aimed at local businesses, young graduates, managers, professionals and entrepreneurs to support them in developing and updating their skills.

Future Ready Education

Corso Politecnico di milano la salle

Future Ready Education


We therefore feel a strong duty to promote a new culture, sustainability and healthcare, these must become opportunities for a human and social promotion to guarantee rights and inclusion for all. The school now has the opportunity to trigger a generative dialogue between all sectors of knowledge and civil society.

Values and Mission

Education is, as the 2030 Agenda itself underlines, the main tool of cultural transformation which needs an important acceleration to:

  • support together a vision of the future that has authentically sustainable development at its center;
  • promote a process of cultural transformation which, at every level, can accompany the rethinking of current lifestyles, production and consumption;
  • rethink training processes, enhancing human capital and the importance of learning for everyone and for life;
  • enable young people to have a different future from the one they are heading to.

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